Premier Strippers Entertainment Packages

“The girl on girl action is something you won’t see at any strip club”. – Johnny Boi

Strap on show is available upon request for an additional charge of $450. Strap on shows are provocative, sexy, nasty, and intense. If you prefer MILD entertainment, this is NOT for you, IT’S WILD!

GIRL ON GIRL SHOW not to be confused with 2-girl show which many companies advertise. STRIPPERS ON WHEELS – GIRL on GIRL aka Girly Show consists of 2 strippers interacting, touching, and playing “friendly” together.(Ex. kissing, caressing, toy play together, licking and more. Please be careful when advertisements read: 2-girl shows. It’s misleading and consists of only: 2 girls nothing more; nothing less, you get what you pay for. Usually the 2 entertainers will walk in dance topless and leave before the hour. Several companies advertise with a play on words, misleading consumers. Misleading you to believe you’re getting better prices on comparable packages, and your getting more for your money YOUR NOT! . In reality your hiring entertainment based on pictures on a website. If the ladies show up. it’s not the same exact person selected from pictures on website. If this happens, which it usually does. Kindly decline services and book with a reputable company.

Friendly reminder: dancers work for tips throughout all stages of performances. Dancers DO NOT carry change. Please make sure to change out large bills before show begins. Greatly appreciated.

Note: Please book reservations in advance to ensure prompt, professional service. Last minute bookings are not preferred and usually not fulfilled. Please note: Most companies DO NOT offer this service. Companies advertise TOY SHOW yet do not deliver. Bait and switch happens a lot, ladies arrive, collect the cash money, and from that point there’s nothing more you can do. Make sure to do your homework. Use legit local companies with flawless customer service and flattering reviews. Make sure to ask for several pictures of selected entertainers which show faces and body structures. Never settle for only 1 picture.

One last tip: Knowing how to recognize real from fake. As we all know, in the world of the web a lot of fake, fictitious websites, pictures, misleading word usage, bait and switching, copy cats, and total scams go on in this industry. Just saying
Distance fees may apply in certain areas of Louisiana.

Party Bus Packages Available! Please Call for Pricing.

Big Baller in NOLA

14 people max, 2 plasma t.v.’s,stripper pole, and Ipod capability sound system
2 exotic dancers, private party bus, BYOL (bring your own liquor)

Girls Gone Nude on the Famous New Orleans Party Bus!

Get your party on!
new orleans party busOur decked out party bus accommodates up to 40 people and allows you to take your party on the road! There’s no need to worry about finding the perfect location. We’ve got it right here and ready for you to book!

What’s Included:
2 exotic dancers, stripper poles, personal chauffer, and private dj to play your favorite tunes. One request, B(bring)Y(your)O(own) liquor. You and your friends can ride around the city of New Orleans in the party bus or we can park the party bus and stripping for you. Please call for discounted multi hour rates.

Please remember: All exotic dancers/strippers work for tips throughout all stages of the entire party bus experience. Tipping will be necessary!! To ensure the length of your show, as well as the satisfaction of both dancers and the crowd upon shows completion, please tip freely. Better tipping gets better stripping.

Any agency telling you everything is included for the price of the show fee is giving false information. All dancers in the industry operate according to industry standards. Please do your research.


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Credit Card deposits are mandatory for booking services. Only in certain circumstances do we negotiate. Deposits protect customer from scam companies. When dealing with cash only companies they collect up front with no pressure to deliver. Credit card deposits
ensure security and ladies selected in pictures, will actually show up and perform. If not,
kindly call office, cancel, and receive 100% refund on deposit.
We compete with all local companies pricing structures. We do not with out of town


You are welcomed to pick costume for dancers to arrive or change in to for extra charge. Charges vary according to costume selection.

Cute Cop, High school girl, Busty business woman, Army girl, Foxy firefighter, Cowgirl, French maid, Referee, Construction girl, Sexy secretary, Naughty nurse, Cheerleader, Lovely Lingerie, etc..


“dollar buffet”–the guy puts dollar bills on you anywhere he wants and takes them off with his teeth and puts them in the tip jar

“hide and seek”–we leave the room and the guests hide bills in various places on the groom…we have to find them, using our mouths

“bunny tails”– we put whipped cream on your butt, like a bunny tail, then tell the bachelor to lick it off. When he tries, you move your butt so he misses it and gets it all over his face and looks stupid. you let him lick it off on the 2nd attempt

“soak the stripper” –totally drench the lady of choice by placing her in a shower and scrubbing her down

“chocolate tic-tac-toe” – use edible rich dark chocolate to play tic-tac-toe on dancers chest

“whip it” – place whip cream all over the dancers body, in certain spots you can eat off

Note: If you do not reserve a toy or girl on girl show ahead of time, the dancers may offer them to you during their performance. Prices of lap dances, stripping, toy shows, girl on girl erotic shows, will vary depending on the length and type you request, (mild to wild). Please make your reservations in advance to ensure prompt, professional service. Distance fees may apply in certain areas of Louisiana.

Premium Packages do not include distance fees. The prices quoted are valid in the New Orleans area. We work with any pricing structure and are willing to out-price any of our competitors.