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New Orleans Strippers On Wheels – Premier Exotic Dancers

Why settle for a typical strip club when you can get the top notch dancers and the attention you deserve with New Orleans strippers on Wheels? Before wasting your money on a night out at the strip clubs, see how our adult entertainment services are far superior!

About New Orleans Strippers on Wheels

We started New Orleans Strippers On Wheels with intentions of providing quality entertainment for: bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, stag parties, sorority parties, golf outings, corporate events. divorce parties, fraternity parties, guy’s night out or just because you deserve to parties. We specialize in Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties! Please check us out before going to strip clubs. Why are we much better than a strip club? Here are some reasons: more intimate setting, better pricing for private, VIP lap dances, great toy shows, smiling, happy strippers, no paying high prices for your drinks, strippers dance at one party; not several in one night, and most of all we at Strippers On Wheels will guarantee, a much better time than any strip club can possibly offer.

We do not have to pull the old bait and switch. The ladies you see on the website are guaranteed to show up. If you are not satisfied, you do not pay!!! Real simple. You are asked to pick more then one picture, just in case one of the dancers cannot make it, we have alternate back ups. You can be assured we hire the best entertainment money can buy. Straight out of the strip clubs. You can rent-a-stripper!
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At the Show

Maintaining Order

The host of the party is usually designated to help maintain order at the party and ensuring that everything keeps under control. Entertainers reserve the right not to perform at a party if an individual or crowd becomes physically or verbally abusive. If this should occur, the party is over and we will not issue a refund.. We will send a bodyguard to assist our entertainer with their presentation. Our bodyguard will assist with explaining everything to the audience prior to the show, set-up, and is available to assist the host in maintaining order if desired. The party bus is no excexption to this rule.

Dancers Work for Tips

Just as in a club, dancers work for tips. If you’ve ever been to a strip club you’ve probably already learned this or you were asked to leave the club. When you hire a dancer for your private party, it’s just like having a dancer from a club, except the club comes to you. Whether the party is on our party bus or at your location, strippers still strip for tips. The initial price you pay when you book a dancer is a fee for bringing the club to you! Regardless what any agency tells you, ALL dancers work for tips throughout the ENTIRE party. The stripping gets better with the tips. We keep our prices low so that anyone can afford to impress their friends with one of our entertainers, but our dancers are very talented and professional so make sure to encourage everyone at the party to tip them to keep them happy–a happy stripper is a good stripper.

How Much to Tip

To maximize the fun at your party, it is recommended that you inform your guests to bring some small bills and be prepared for thrills!!! We have no minimum amount for tipping, $1s, $5s, $10s, and $20s are fine. The larger the tip, the more attention given to the tipper. Tipping for a friend or the guest of honor is GREAT fun!!

Picture Taking
Is absolutely NOT allowed!

Escorts vs. Dancers

Exotic striptease dancers are not escorts–they will not engage in sex for money. If you are looking for sex then hire an escort.; However, most escort agencies won’t send their ladies to dance at parties. While our dancers will present an exotic show which is usually much more extreme than that available at a strip club, please treat them with respect.